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Gradually into the winter, such as foggy weather lined the city particularly poetic, "However, listening to Beijing called fog haze," Fortunately, did not affect the country in Puyang, Provincial People's Congress visited the experimental area of the airport inspection trip. 2016-11-18 Day, the NPC Standing Committee of Li Pucheng in Pu, Pu Provincial People's Congress, Puyang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee (Xu Lanfeng), Puyang City CPPCC Chairman (Zheng Dawen), Puyang City, Standing Committee Director (Li Zhaohuan), CPC Puyang Municipal Committee, Minister of Organization Department (Liu Hanzheng) led the department heads and responsible units to the airport terminal (mobile phone) Industrial Park inspection tour to watch the industrial park video, letter too into the area Enterprises included in this study one.

The visit by the letter too Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Huang (King Song) Assistant, HR Manager Gao Zhonghui, director of the East together to receive.

Huang (Jingsong) always assisted the members of the delegation to introduce our company's target direction, product distribution, planning and construction and other related work planning, and entered the production area by visiting the channel to focus on our production line body operation, quality control and so on Series of matters.

Letter too settled in the industrial park, the rapid integration, and attaches great importance to the project guidelines as a guide and as a constructive opinion, has always been to economic development in the park, the promotion of enterprises for their own dual promotion goal, the delegation of Pu not only see our company in the Division In the meanwhile, we also encourage our company to constantly challenge and actively participate in all strategic cooperation in the future and expect us to do better, stronger and bigger!

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