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about the recent fraud in the name of our company

Strict declaration

Recently, our company received a report that some people provide financial services such as financial loans, black / white loans in the name of our company, and require customers to pay a deposit first. Repayment. And in this way cheat money for illegal gains, a move that not only seriously damage our goodwill, constitute a civil infringement, but also deliberately cheating, damage to the interests of customers, suspected of criminal offenses.

Here, we strongly condemn the illegal act of fraudulent use of the name of our company and issue the following statement:

First, our company is the full name of "Xin Tai Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.", registered in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in the production and sale of flat-panel computers, communications equipment, and electronic communications products, computer software R & D, sales and technical advice; business import and export business. My company will never be engaged in any financial, loan and other businesses.

Second, the company's official website: http://www.chinatave.com

Phone: 0755-26987316

Third, those who fraudulent use of the name of the company fraudulent units or individuals, once identified, My company will retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities, constitutes a criminal offense Will be handled by the public security organ according to law.

Fourth, some information related to fraud provided by users will be announced, hope the majority of users scrutinize carefully, do not be fooled:

The liar uses the name "A11 Xintai Financial" (estimated to be a fake name) to fraudulently use the company's name through WeChat. The WeChat ID is: daxinjinrong111.

Please majority of users to be vigilant, beware of being cheated!

If you have any questions, please contact with our company according to the official contact information of our company published in this statement.

hereby declare!

Shintai Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

July 27, 2017

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